Program, June 4 2022

The Floriade opens at 10 AM so in the morning you can vist theĀ  park. Our program starts at 12:30 PM.

Arrival at the beach of the Save Plastics beach house on the Floriade. The location can be found on lot 23. The Save Plastics Beach House shows in an interactive way how cities can deal with low-grade plastic waste, which now often disappears into nature in the form of incineration or as plastic soup.

After an informal introduction to the guests and of course a glimpse into the plastic beach house, we walk to the Shelter (lot 11), where the formal part of the event starts at 14.00.

Main program at the Shelter (lot11). In the dialogue session the complexity of the plastic waste problem is first explored by experts and later on by guests.

Experts active in ecology, technology, health security, government and recycling industry will start an open debate. The central question is: how can we achieve a drastic reduction of plastic waste? The impact of consumer plastics on health and the environment of humans, animals and plants is discussed in an accessible way.

16-00-17.30 Afterparty
Afterwards, there is an informal meeting with music, an art auction led by Annemarie Jorritsma (former mayor of Almere and former deputy prime minister of the Netherlands), snacks and drinks. This is good opportunity to meet the experts, Rotary members and other guests.


Address and route

Floriade Expo 2022 is centrally located in Almere in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, right next to the A6 motorway. The Expo is situated 30 km from Amsterdam and 45 km from Schiphol International Airport. Floriade is easy to reach in different ways. Please find more information via this link.

Het Stop Plastic Waste Event wordt georganiseerd door:

En door Rotary Club Almere-Weerwater:

Het Stop Plastic Waste Event wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door De Nieuwe Bibliotheek Almere.